Sunday 15 December 2019

Action in the Ukraine

So I finally managed to get out the Eastern Front toys for a game of Chain of Command at the club today.

Pretty simple scenario, with the huge encirclements of the opening stages of Operation Barbarossa, a Soviet platoon is trying to evict the German defenders who have captured a critical rail junction.

Funky dice trays, courtesy of a very cheap deal from Wayland Games.

Sleepy quiet, on the left Soviet scouts push forward

What's this - a KV1? 

Making short work of the wire, in the background a firefight between Soviet and German squads

The view from the Soviet end of things

Soviet Maxim guns plus another squad follow up.

The KV goes manhunting!

The other flank, and shots are exchanged

Oops..  Scratch one Pz IV
A good fun game, and looks like at least a few Soviets made it out of the pocket. In my lists the KV is a list six choice, which seems absurdly cheap for something virtually indestructible in period. I think I am going to have to staff up some BT fast tanks, and T26 light tanks, as there is nothing in the German 1941 lists that can touch the KV.

Steve's Force Morale hit 0 though surprisingly for us, leader casualties were quite light. I'm looking forward to another Eastern Front game, but I will need to work on more scenery. 


  1. 1941 KV immunity. Nice KV2 model. They weren't that common in 1941 but if I remember right the Soviets had about 1000 T34 1940 and 500 KV, mostly 1940 model with 76mm gun and 3" gun. Very hard to kill those. Stukas, 88 if you could find one, Pak 38 with PzGr 40 HVAP, 105MM leFH18 or better yet a FG 10cm field gun or 15cm sFH18. Czech 47mm no good. Pioneer actually your best bet with smoke and demolitions or a teller mine. At least your Regiment would have some. Check the German list for them and Panzerjager. Your light mortars need lots of smoke. Good luck. Been there, done that.

  2. Good looking game and great fun.....for the Soviets! As mentioned a KV-2 is list 10 and a KV-1 is list 7 on the official lists not sure what list you were using? Would like to see a Tank Hunter team try and tackle it though :)

  3. bEST way for tank hunter is in smoke that makes it very hard to be spotted by the tank, and the hunters have only to move toward the sound of the diesel engine. Did that in a WRG1925-50 (modified a bit) game. Take a look at: