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A Lead Odyssey is about my hobby, collecting, painting and playing with toy soldiers. It will cover the various rulesets I use, the figures I am painting (very slowly), and some games. Thanks to Harry Pearson for the Achtung Schweinehund reference. The uniform jacket in the picture was adapted from a safari suit, the weapon is a wooden sub-machine gun made by me and my dad. Cool eh?

I play a range of scales, rules and periods.. scales are anything from 6mm, through 15mm to 28mm for little men, but I also use 1/1200 for Napoleonic Naval, and 1/3000 for Pre-Dreadnought period Naval.

My tastes are eclectic, but I have avoided most 'Fantasy' Games for a few years, as I couldn't get into the usual suspects for Fantasy Battles, and didn't have a decent group to play role-playing style games.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Houstons Ships Part 4

Made some more progress on these. Last things are the inkwash for the hulls (which are a slightly lightened Paynes Gray.), and some rigging, especially the Alexandra.







  1. So where is a picture of the rigging?

    1. Hasn't been done yet.. I have a hundred egyptians to paint before Froday morning.. so these might take a bit of a back seat for a few days...

  2. You thinking of using these with DBSA or something else?

  3. I reckon I will try 'Dark Days of Admiralty' at first, although Dave T. also suggested something like Naval Thunder ?

    With small numbers of ships per side, I would be happy to do some bookkeeping. And as I have access to a laminator, ship record sheets for each of my Pre-Dreadnoughts, with a whiteboard marker shouldn't be too onerous.

  4. nice, working on some Houston ships at the moment for the Spanish american war, just started the white fleet !