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A Lead Odyssey is about my hobby, collecting, painting and playing with toy soldiers. It will cover the various rulesets I use, the figures I am painting (very slowly), and some games. Thanks to Harry Pearson for the Achtung Schweinehund reference. The uniform jacket in the picture was adapted from a safari suit, the weapon is a wooden sub-machine gun made by me and my dad. Cool eh?

I play a range of scales, rules and periods.. scales are anything from 6mm, through 15mm to 28mm for little men, but I also use 1/1200 for Napoleonic Naval, and 1/3000 for Pre-Dreadnought period Naval.

My tastes are eclectic, but I have avoided most 'Fantasy' Games for a few years, as I couldn't get into the usual suspects for Fantasy Battles, and didn't have a decent group to play role-playing style games.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Cold War Redux

Ok, I admit it, I am a child of the Cold War, CND badges, Greenham Common, nuclear armageddon and admiring the EE Lightning on full afterburner take-off at RAF Leuchars..  Whooheeee .. yeah! You know what I am talking about.. 

So when I saw a pre-order on Amazon, for the extension of FoF for the Cold War: 'Cold War Gone Hot', a mere nine quid plus postage.. well..  It arrived today... because real men use SLR, and drive Chieftains.

I also see that the third mission (omitted from the book) is now online at the Cold War Hot Hot Blogspot.. so get on over there sharpish and treat yourself to some 70's and 80's goodness, when men wore bad moustaches and the German plains were a giant exercise ground.

Also in the mail today.. enough lovverly QRF WWI Highlander figures to do a desert force for HiTT - including Rolls Royce Armoured Car, 18 lb artillery, and some Vickers HMG. At some stage I am going to have to find the figures to do opponents..

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