Sunday, 24 May 2020

1745 Redcoat Sample Figure

Rather pleased with how this is looking, some further work to be done obviously, with metallic colours, washes and highlights to go. And then a light dusting via the airbrush with a mud spatter, and I reckon they will look the business.

Colours used so far:

White Base - Vallejo Sky Grey 70.989
Boots, hat, scabbards, canteen - Vallejo German Grey 70.995
Facings - Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue 70.899
Flesh Base, Musket Sling, Canteen Strap - Vallejo Red Leather 70.818
Gaiters, hair tieback - Vallejo Basalt Grey 70.869
Hair - Vallejo Flat brown 70.984
Kidskin sack - Vallejo US Field Drab 70.873
Flesh - Vallejo Flat Flesh 70.955
Knapsack - Vallejo Tan Earth 70.874
Musket Wood - Vallejo Mahogany Brown 70.846
Buff Straps - Vallejo Medium Grey 70.987
'5 o'clock' shadow mix of Basalt Grey and Flesh

And now some highlights:

I can see some stuff needing a cleanup, and the airbrushing on this one was too heavy and caused paint bubbling. But it works for me.

White Highlight - Vallejo Ivory 70.918
Blue Highlight - Tamiya Field Blue XF50
Flesh Highlight - Vallejo Basic Skintone 70.812
Musket Highlight - Vallejo Beige Brown 70.875
Gunmetal - Vallejo Gunmetal 70.863
Brass - Vallejo Old Gold 70.878
Black Wash - Citadel Nuln Oil
Brown Wash - Citadel Agrax Earthshade
Flesh Wash - Citadel Reikland Fleshshade


  1. Nice brush work - nice faded red

    1. Thanks Tidders, only another few hundred to go then :-) And after the redcoats for 1745/6 there's the ones for 1779, then the ones for 1808-10. I should be ok with doing red coats by that stage.