Saturday 6 July 2019

Lorraine Schlepper

Just finished a Lorraine Schlepper, from Warlord Games, a resin kit of one of the many conversions done using French AFV chassis and German weaponry.

The Warlord kit is a nice one with separate tracks and a shovel as well as the gun itself, I think it makes up into a very appealing vehicle, and it comes with two crew. It doesn't come with any decals though, so I have sourced those from the spares box.

I am wondering if I need to do a bit more weathering on the lower chassis for dust and mud? But then, I would have to match that across all my vehicles. Hmmm, perhaps an airbrush session with some lightly dusted on Flat Earth might be an idea.

In game terms for Chain of Command, this is an absolute beast. A big High Explosive gun, perfect for blasting buildings and troops alike. I was going to save it as a nice surprise for Steve, but well, it's only fair.

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