Wednesday 9 March 2016

Wargame figures/models for Sale

As I will shortly be moving - I have compiled a long list of figures that will either have to be sold, packed up for shipping or loaned out.

I have identified the ones I definitely will be hanging on to, but the rest I am happy to put online and see what offers I get. I have not set a definitive price, though where it can be calculated, I have tried to work out a rough 'raw lead' price as an indicator.

I have included 4 pages on the blog where I have put up details and pics in 4 main categories:

A few things have now sold - noted below:

6mm WW2, mainly GHQ, with several armies still in original packaging as well as fully painted ones:

6mm Cold War & Modern, again mainly GHQ, with several armies started as well as fully painted ones:

6mm Sci-Fi a mix of Brigade Models, Dark Realm, GZG and others, all fully painted:

15mm Ancients & Medieval, all originally purchased for DBMM, many with a sample painted, but some still in original packaging:

In addition to these, there are a range of other items that I will consider selling - including:
  • Baccus 6mm Sasanian Army Pack (undercoated black and based on 60 x 30) 
  • 15mm 1917 French - fully painted and based for Hordes in the Trenches SOLD
  • 15mm 1917 British Commonwealth Desert forces, all unpainted including yeomanry, armoured cars and aircraft.
  • 15mm US, Mujahadin & African forces, mainly unpainted and with many vehicles etc. SOLD
  • '28mm' GW Bretonnian and Empire - mainly plastics.
  • 28mm 'Geezers' figures, plus several suitable diecast vehicles.
  • 28mm Foundry 'Gang' - Future Street Violence.
  • 1/2400 GHQ WW1 micronauts, approx 20+ ships most still in packaging, others undercoated.
  • Painted 'Full Thrust' UNSC, Japanese and SAC fleets, with many unpainted additional ships.
  • 1/3000 1980s British & Russian naval forces, Russians completed, British need basing. SOLD

As always..  hundreds of odds and ends. Add a comment if you have any questions or would be interested in more information. I am based in Australia, so postage elsewhere is likely to be exorbitant, or I can arrange pickup in Canberra.


  1. Sorry to hear you have to let so much go, Doug. I have to make a big move next year as well, which I'm not looking forward to... That said, what would you want for your British and Russian NavWar fleets? If interested, drop me a line at prufrock DOT japan AT gmail DOT com


  2. Hi,
    Any 28mm Dark Ages stuff kicking about in your odds & ends? :-)


  3. He rubs his hands with glee and starts to pour (paw) over the lists ... doubly so as I have a good idea of what you have and as you know, I am suffering a moment's indecision ... almost the perfect storm!

    Will send you an email later tonight

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