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A Lead Odyssey is about my hobby, collecting, painting and playing with toy soldiers. It will cover the various rulesets I use, the figures I am painting (very slowly), and some games. Thanks to Harry Pearson for the Achtung Schweinehund reference. The uniform jacket in the picture was adapted from a safari suit, the weapon is a wooden sub-machine gun made by me and my dad. Cool eh?

I play a range of scales, rules and periods.. scales are anything from 6mm, through 15mm to 28mm for little men, but I also use 1/1200 for Napoleonic Naval, and 1/3000 for Pre-Dreadnought period Naval.

My tastes are eclectic, but I have avoided most 'Fantasy' Games for a few years, as I couldn't get into the usual suspects for Fantasy Battles, and didn't have a decent group to play role-playing style games.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More Sui WiP

The countdown is on in earnest. I have now 4 nights to complete the Sui for Cancon. Here’s the state of play…

The infantry grouped up, I eventually decided to do three different regiments in different tunic colours. Makes it easier if I want to split them up between commands.

Spot the ones already finished as trial pieces..  

 Green and Blue regiments

The mounted, ships and artillery at the rear..

 Light Horse, and heavy cavalry

Cataphract General...

I suppose I could put them on the table now, they all at least have some basic paint on them, but I really want to get them to a reasonably finished state - otherwise history suggests I will never go back and finish them properly, and I will be left with another 80% finished army.

Go Cancon!


  1. Glad to see your motivation - although I suspect where I will be banner-less (and the Koreans will have a juxtaposition) your troops may well be on desert terrain :-)

    Paint, paint, paint!!!!

  2. Oh, I just noticed - I hope that pile of unpainted lead at the back us unrelated?

    Infantry armed with the kaber (or is that caber)? :-D

  3. That's 85 Sui Horde... due to start them tomorrow.. ;-)

    And I am sure that the Sui campaigned in the desert occasionally...

  4. Well they campaign there in those Chinese movies - pretty much everyone campaigns in the desert there! ;-)

  5. Last paint went on the Koreans and the Hungarians last night, well, with the exception of banners, flags and pennons. Still, they look presentable enough as is.

    Tonight is varnishing, tomorrow packing and travel to Sydney.

    Pictures to the Hole later today.

    Bwahahahaha! Paint you devil, paint!