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A Lead Odyssey is about my hobby, collecting, painting and playing with toy soldiers. It will cover the various rulesets I use, the figures I am painting (very slowly), and some games. Thanks to Harry Pearson for the Achtung Schweinehund reference. The uniform jacket in the picture was adapted from a safari suit, the weapon is a wooden sub-machine gun made by me and my dad. Cool eh?

I play a range of scales, rules and periods.. scales are anything from 6mm, through 15mm to 28mm for little men, but I also use 1/1200 for Napoleonic Naval, and 1/3000 for Pre-Dreadnought period Naval.

My tastes are eclectic, but I have avoided most 'Fantasy' Games for a few years, as I couldn't get into the usual suspects for Fantasy Battles, and didn't have a decent group to play role-playing style games.

Friday, 23 December 2011

TYW or 30 Years War

So - this dodgy bloke (Bartek) down the club, sidles up and goes 'psssssst, wanna buy some lead?' so as you can tell from my previous attempts to exert some self control, I just rolled over and paid..   And now I am the proud owner of some 1400 Testudo castings - at less than 20c each..   Peter B. will doubtless take some off my hands but I reckon I can get a ECW Covenanter army and a Royalist army etc out of them.. 


Painting of course is extra and will keep me occupied into my 80's....


  1. Oh, is this some of the lead you were trying to peddle in my direction?

  2. Only if you were interested - 15 mm Testudo Thirty Years War that are also highly suitable for ECW etc...

  3. mmm, I think I have some 30YW (at least a DBR Condensed amount of them) laying around here somewhere. Fairly sure they are not Testudo though.I guess I'll need to mount a search at Mum's this weekend.