Wednesday 6 July 2022


Ok, hands up all who thought I had been painting figures for the taking of Scinde?  Well no, although close. But the sin is that I have been remiss in updating the blog since April. 

It isn't that there has been nothing happening. There's been a lot happening. I just haven't found time to blog about it. There has also been a lot going on in that other life outside wargames world. My nephew, who I have been very close to for years, graduated, and was elected to the local council, I've been gardening and building things. Hopefully, the sale of the Australian House will go through and that will let me focus on other things. 

I've played some games... 

ACW - 28mm Black Powder - Martins troops.. 

'Bag the Hun' 1/200 Battle of Britain, my 3d prints at my place

The Sudan, 28mm Black Powder, Martin's again.

I've added to my Indian forces..  still some finishing to do..

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors, an impulse buy but soon to be done.

AW Highlanders, Foundry Ghurkas and Casualties...  soon to be finished

I've been starting to get some buildings and terrain done..

And I have been lining and painting the shed in preparation for future campaigns. 

Lining started

As it is now, still thinking about the roof, but perfectly usable, and I will be grateful of the wood heater when winter comes. 

So that's about it for now. Hopefully back to regular posting sometime soon.


  1. Thanks Vince. Small but perfectly formed. Room for two players, shelves and a 180 x 120cm table... cosy.