Saturday 5 February 2022

Doctors & the Fokker threat!

Been quietly painting away, and I also got my 3d printer working again. One of the lovely chaps on the Virtual Lard Discord channel, Jim, has been designing some very nice aircraft in 1/144 and has kindly shared them with me.  The upshot has been some Whovian nonsense and planes to play a first game of 'Algernon Pulls it Off' from the Too Fat Lardies.

There's also been a top secret major painting project underway.. but I will save that one for when I drop a points bomb for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge...


  1. A nice selection of painting Doug, those WW1 planes are well smart after a paint job.


    1. The WWI planes are very more'ish I've already printed off way more than I will ever need. Now to get on with labels and cards and stuff.. laminator at the ready!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, it's ridiculously simple on the planes.