Monday 26 October 2020

Fancy a snifter.. ? CoC Drinks anyone?

One of the support options for the British forces in the Too Fat Lardies 'Blitzkrieg' supplement to their Chain of Command rules is the 'Drinks Cabinet'. Apparently it wasn't unknown for British officers to unofficially issue a few medicinal 'stiffeners' to improve moral.

Sabotag3d make a very nice printed drinks cabinet, and I just happened to have a slightly Blimpish looking officer figure lurking in the shed. You don't actually need a marker to play this support option but it was too cool not to. In play I think I might use it to replace a Jump Off Point when the support option is taken. I really need to look into techniques for painting glass, but here's the rough cut version.

I really shouldn't photograph things, I keep spotting mistakes... the keen eyed might also notice the legs of the cabinet have been cut down a bit. I found the original to be a little too tall for my taste. With hindsight, printing out a phototgraph of a rug might have been a better option, but IMHO, it still looks good when viewed even 30cm away. And I really need to fix up his boots. But it is one more thing off the painting table! Huzzah!


  1. Nicely I scrounge the crawlspace looking for my terrain crate items, I've also been wondering how to do my bottles... I agree, there are several items on the support lists that mention items that don't actually need a model (The Adjutant, AA-MG's etc, but like you I want to make one anyway.

    1. Thanks Terry. I do think I fall towards the 'modeller' end of the spectrum. Some of the options are excellent fun to build and paint. The AA MG would also make a good jump off point. As would an adjutant pointing...