Sunday 28 June 2020

6mm Imaginations for Charity

Per at the RollAOne blog came up with the idea of having a bunch of folk paint up units for two Imagi-Nation armies in 6mm, and then auctioning them for charity. Great stuff I thought, I like doing 6mm, and I can just do one unit, it won't be a chore. The always avuncular Peter Berry of Baccus Miniatures kindly donated the minis, and they are starting to be done.

My paticular unit is Melblom's Horse, dragoons. I swear they look better 'in the flesh'.


  1. The photos blow a 6mm figure up to 28mm+ size when you click on them - at 6mm, they look like what they are supposed to look like :-)

    Nice work mate - are you starting to get a hankering to stop all the giant painting and do a batch of wargame figures again? ;-)

  2. Thanks mate. Nah, no-one locally plays 6mm. I suppose I could play both sides, and I've been thinking about how to do an online game, but I'm just now focusing on other things. These have been a quick and pleasant interlude before painting hunners of Romans and Hairy Germans for Infamy Infamy.