Saturday 7 March 2020

A Viking we will go!

I bought into the War and Empire III (Dark Ages) Kickstarter some time back, and ummed, and ahhed about what to get. I originally wanted to get Byzantines, but on looking into the various lists available for DBMM, I thought they were a bit too much like some of my other armies, such as the Sui Chinese.

I eventually settled on Viking and Later Roman, and they arrived last week. I have been tentatively planning a trip to Warfare in Reading in November, and so the Vikings would fit into the theme.

I finally picked up a paintbrush today, and my goodness, these are tiny figures, I have not painted any 15mm in several years, so slapping paint on these little guys was a real change.

Normally, my painting pattern is to do a whole swathe of figures at once. So for example for a Viking army, I might do all the Huscarles as a batch, all the Bondi as a batch, and so on. This is efficient, but it can also be very tedious as you spend a long time with a single colour. Applying it to pants here, tunics there, cloaks etc. This time I thought I would just grab up a few elements worth and tackle them together.

So here they are:

From L-R, Bondi, Archers & Huscarles.

I really like these figures, and they have a heap of variety. Looking forward to polishing off a few more batches over the next couple of weeks.

And some more..

Raiders, Berserks, Huscarles, General

Longships, 6mm models from Irregular.


  1. Looking good - you've not lost any of your 15mm painting skill at all

    1. Thanks Thomo. The only minor issue is that I am guilty of trying to paint 28mm scale type detail on to 15mm. It's invisible.

  2. Impressive.

    I don't have the mental fortitude to do serious batch painting. 18 is I think the most I've ever done in a single batch, and more typical would be eight.

    1. I have done huge batches in the past, but these days I don't have the patience. It just takes too long to get to a finished product. I a going to try to work in 4-6 element batches, which seems to be a convenient number for an evening.

    2. 4 to 6 3l3m3nts in an evening! Wow, you can paint faster (and better) than me by a long margin. I would be doing well to do two elements in an evening!

    3. A lot of it is practice, so technique is easy. And I tend to just stick on a movie that I know on the tablet beside me, and just zone out into the painting. I'm usually surprised by the time when I zone back in.. sometimes two movies later...