For Sale - 6mm Sci-Fi

Having recently been offered a job overseas for a couple of years at least, I thought a quick lead audit would be in order. I have to decide whether to pack & ship, store or sell about 20 years accumulated lead. Accordingly, I have set myself a target of disposing of around about 57 different items..    essentially make me an offer. 

Where I can calculate the unpainted lead value in A$, I have included it. (Excludes what it cost me to get it sent to Oz of course.) 

More details on request…   simply add a comment and I will get back to you.

Sci Fi - all 6mm

Aliens - painted
Generic aliens on a sulphur planet with giant walkers and supporting ground-ships (both walkers and ships are plastic ERM), infantry are Brigade.

Unpainted lead value unknown

Space Marines - painted
Marines on a lava planet with mid size support walkers and drop-ship (walkers are plastic ERM), infantry are Brigade, Dropship a CAV conversion.

Unpainted lead value unknown

Pax Arcadia - painted
Pax Arcadians on a snow planet, all figures are Dark Realm miniatures.

Unpainted lead value A$152

South African Confederation - painted

All Brigade Models - additional items shown below undercoated only.

Unpainted lead value unknown

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