6mm or 1/285 World War II

I have an insatiable appetite for 6mm (1/285) models from GHQ. Over time, I seem to have accidentally collected quite a few. For WWII, I have a number of armies. I have also enjoyed painting air support as well.
British 1940 (BEF in France) (no pics as yet - but lovely little Vickers Light tanks, Matilda, and Cruisers)

British 1944 (Normandy, Typoons by Raiden

British 1941 (Western Desert)- Air Support: Hurricanes by Raiden, Blenheim by Scotia

French Army 1940 Air Support, an Amiot by Scotia

German Army 1940 (France) by Raiden
German Army 1941 (Western Desert) by Raiden, Stuka by Scotia

German Army 1941 (Barbarossa)

German Army 1944 (Normandy) - no pictures available

For rules, I very much enjoy the Blitzkrieg Commander rules from Specialist Military Publishing, which are a lot of fun to play, and pretty much match my expectations based on too many years of books and comics. The only drawback for me, as they are not dissimilar from the Warmaster system, they do mean you sometimes need to roll handfuls of dice.

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