6mm or 1/285 Moderns

I have an insatiable appetite for 6mm (1/285) models from GHQ. Over time, I seem to have accidentally collected quite a few. Many of the Soviet (Warpac) types, I picked up second hand from eBay, where I also got my Cold War Germans. For Moderns, I have 

British 1980s (BAOR) (no pictures yet)

British 1990s (Desert Storm)

West German 1980s

South African 1970s-80s (no pictures yet)
Aussies in Vietnam (no pictures yet)
Syrian 1970-current (no pictures yet)
Enough Warpac to put together pretty much 1960s onward in Corp strength
Some of these have even been painted now... this is about one tenth of the actual force.

For rules, I very much enjoy the Cold War Commander rules from Specialist Military Publishing, thye seem to repay historical combined arms tactics. Some players dislike them as they don't substantially differentiate between different weapons types. I am not really a technofreak, so the differences between a HESH and a HEAT round don't bother me, I just assume the tank commanders are smart enough to load the correct round.

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