15mm Ancients/Medieval Teutonic Orders

The following are some pictures of my Teutonic Orders. All figures are 15mm Essex Miniatures. Basing is a combination of the Baccus Basing System, then Bicarbonate of Soda, and lots of sprays of artists lacquer to seal the Bicarb. It is extremely hydrophilic (loves water) and will also yellow over time unless completely sealed.  The larger arrays are of the DBMM army which includes a Holsteiner Ally General.

The Head of the Order plus his Standard Bearer and Trumpeter.

The Knights of the Order, with Knechte at rear left.


Foot Spearmen (Sergeants), with Archer Support.

Crossbowmen, surprisingly effective!
Turcopoles, then Holsteiners, then Teutons, Knechte in background
The Camp

Red Command, Blue Command, yellow Command, then Holsteiners

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