6mm or 1/285 Sci-FI

Having BKC & CWC, it seemed only natural to try their partner set for Future (Sci-Fi) combat, Future War Commander.

My first set were a bunch of (as yet unidentified) models bought cheap from some dodgy bloke down the Club...  (Apologies Dave). Which included a few walkers, a bunch of infantry, and some Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC). They are languishing in the study, as I got distracted, (ooh shiney!) by the Brigade Models South African Confederation models. Very Nice. So far they have been pretty successful.

I also lashed out some considerable funds, and bought myself a stupidly large amount of very beautiful, but pricey Dark Realm Miniatures Pax Arcadians. Beautiful minis, but still in the painting queue.

As a backup, if I ever feel like playing the bad guys, I also acquired a very large number of the GW slimey bug things.. which make excellent 6mm Aliens.

I will definitely be playing some more FWC soon.. and I am still looking for those elusive 6mm Model 577 APC and figures for my Colonial Marines. In the meantime, I did a bit of kitbashing, and came up with an approximation of a Colonial Marines Dropship.


  1. oooh crumbs, that is very nice.

  2. That dropship is awesome, I would love a few of those. Will have to visit the Bits Box and see whats available. Great work.

  3. Thanks for that. It was fun to do too.. and even got used in a game. see