1/1200 Napoleonic Naval

Seeing as how I always support the underdog, I couldn't possibly have a British Fleet for Napoleonic Naval Warfare. So obviously, I have French...  The ships are all Langton's 1/1200, and I have tried the Trafalgar Rules from Warhammer Historical, but they don't really do it for me. My own preference is for the Langton's "Signal Close Action" Fast Play set. They give a lovely fast game without too much complexity, but the various events and special actions really create an exciting narrative. (Although I am not sure how often I have to sink the HMS Swiftsure.. that thing has nine lives.)

From Left, a 74 (3rd Rate), 64 (4th Rate), 22 Gun Frigate, and 40 Gun Frigate

L'Intrepide in Action.

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